Module Delimited_overloading.Default

module Default: sig .. end
Default overloadings (initially not set). When an expression M.(...) and that no overloadings have been specifically associated with the module M (using Delimited_overloading.associate), the default overloadings are used. If no default overloadings are set, a parsing error is raised.

val update : (Delimited_overloading.t -> Delimited_overloading.t) -> unit
update f updates the set of default overloadings to f t where t is its current value. If default overloadings were not set, t is empty.
val unset : unit -> unit
Remove all default overloadings. Trying to use M.(e) when M has no associated overloadings is then an error.
val apply : Delimited_overloading.module_longident ->
Camlp4.PreCast.Syntax.Ast.expr -> Camlp4.PreCast.Syntax.Ast.expr
apply m e apply the default overloadings qualified with the module m to the expression e.
Raises Not_found if no default overloadings have been set.